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Termos de Uso


1. Purpose and validity of the General Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between Footballtraining4all.com and its customers, and to all offers made Footballtraining4all.com.

2. Terminology

2a. As used in these Terms and Conditions of "customer", it is defined as a natural or legal person an order is placed in whose name in Footballtraining4all.com and / or who has an offer / is done by Footballtraining4all.com

2b. A "pay period" is the period for which a customer has prepaid an amount. Payment Periods occur only in products and services not once, such as, but not limited to, subscriptions, maintenance and domain name registrations. Under section 9 and 10g in this agreement, the term "payment period" discussed further.

2c. Footballtraining4all.com is a trademark of Ostje. Other trade names of Ostje his ostjes-voetbaltrainingen.be.

3. Terms of customer are excluded

The applicability of any purchase or other conditions of the customer is expressly excluded.

4. Legal

4a All agreements between Footballtraining4all.com and the customer and all offers of Footballtraining4all.com to the customer is governed by Dutch law.

4b All possible disputes arising from the contracts and offers referred to in the previous paragraph will be submitted to a competent court in the Ghent region, unless Footballtraining4all.com choose to submit a dispute to another competent court.

5. Correspondence

5a All correspondence is by email, including invoices and any payment reminders.

5b The customer is required to enter an email address to Footballtraining4all.com which he can receive mail; changes must be made in the manner prescribed by Footballtraining4all.com immediately Footballtraining4all.com.

5c Mail which is sent to the email address of the customer is deemed to have arrived.

6. Ownership

6a All intellectual or industrial property in all developed under a contract or provided hardware, software or other materials rests with Footballtraining4all.com or its licensor (s). Customer acquires the right to use and the responsibilities arising from the agreement.

6b Material supplied by the customer remain the property of the customer, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

7. Third Party Rights

Customer warrants that the commission Footballtraining4all.com customer Footballtraining4all.com provide any way infringe any third party rights. This includes (but is not limited to): domain name registration, website content and software used.

8. Footballtraining4all Magazine

8a By placing an order, a customer automatically a member of the Footballtraining4all Magazine. This is a newsletter that is sent weekly by email and giving useful tips and tricks for everyone who has a website or wants to start one. After placing an order by a customer automatically receives the latest edition.

8b All previous issues of the magazine are available online.

Unsubscribe 8c for Footballtraining4all Magazine via an unsubscribe link in the magazine.

9. Payment Periods

A payment period is the period for which a client pays an amount. An agreement between customer and Footballtraining4all.com is entered into for the payment period in which the customer can choose mostly self. After the expiry of this period shall be automatically and tacitly renewed for the same pay period, unless the customer has terminated before the start of the new period. The customer is not explicitly informed of the extension. The customer has the possibility to change the payment period. The new payment period begins on the first day after the current pay period has ended. For completeness it should be noted that payment periods do not apply to single products and services such as, but not limited to, ebooks.

10. Invoices

10a By placing an order, a customer automatically agrees to receive invoices by email in PDF. Invoices are not sent by post.

10b Complaints about invoices must be submitted within 14 days after sending the invoice.

10c After the expiry of agreeing the client is deemed 10b period stated in the invoice.

10d If the customer is acting on behalf of or under an association, foundation or company, the customer will always be personally held responsible for unpaid bills, if circumstances indicate that the customer at the time of providing the assignment / order was not authorized to acting on behalf of the legal entity for which the agreement was entered / the order was placed, or if the legal person on whose behalf it is signed, waives its obligation to pay.

10th Permanent business, including, but not limited to domain name registrations, subscriptions and maintenance contracts are automatically renewed. That rule may be waived in exceptional cases, for example if there is a delay in payment. If a customer wants a product discontinuation, you can do so at any time. Refunds however takes place only if the cancellation is done before the dawn of a new payment period. The customer is therefore required to comply with the new invoice if he has terminated after the start of the new payment period.

10f Invoices must be paid no later than the due date stated on the invoice. If the full invoice amount after the final date for payment is not received by Footballtraining4all.com, the customer is automatically in default without any formal notice being required for this.

10g If the customer is in default, he is on the outstanding amount an interest equal to the statutory rate. The also collection costs amount to 15% of the outstanding amount with a minimum of € 200 (two hundred euros).

10h event Footballtraining4all.com must incur costs to be recouped and that cost will exceed the amount which is mentioned in the previous paragraph, the customer is also more amount owed to Footballtraining4all.com.

10i Footballtraining4all.com will send a first payment reminder by email if the customer has defaulted on the payment of a bill.

10j Footballtraining4all.com will send a second reminder, if the customer fails to give ear to the request for payment stated on the first payment reminder. In addition, extra costs will be charged.

10k Footballtraining4all.com is entitled at any time to put service to suspend or stop, or this product to disable, if the customer fails to give ear to the request for payment stated on the second reminder. Any resumption of service will take place after the full outstanding amount has been paid, including extra costs.

11. Suspension / termination services

11a Footballtraining4all.com reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the service with respect to the customer for non or late payment and / or breach of the Terms and Conditions.

11b Suspension or cessation of service relieve the customer from his obligation to pay the outstanding invoice (u) r (s) to Footballtraining4all.com

11c for suspension and / or termination of some services because of violation of one or more rules in this agreement, never finds any compensation or refund.

12. Authorization / debit

12a Customer can Footballtraining4all.com make use of the possibility of direct debit; ie the customer Footballtraining4all.com can provide an authorization to collect an invoice.

12b Footballtraining4all.com set permissions per product ordered, not per customer. The fact that a permission is set for a product does not imply that the authorization also applies to a next order. For that when ordering a new authorization be issued again. Customer is responsible for setting / permissions issue.

12c If a customer Footballtraining4all.com authorized to write off per pay period, an amount of his bill, and there is a cancellation place with the right to refund the collected amount will be refunded 30 days after collection.

12d The customer always has the right to revoke an authorization. From the next invoice after withdrawal amounts will not be collected.

13. Right to refuse services

Footballtraining4all.com has the right to refuse service at its discretion or to cancel.

14. Indemnification

14a By placing an order, customer indemnifies Footballtraining4all.com all possible prosecutions, fines and whatever else that could result from placing the order, and activities arising therefrom.

14b Customer indemnifies Footballtraining4all.com all liability for failure to timely and / or inaccurate capture, extend, or apply for registration of a product, such as, but not limited to, domain names and SSL certificates.

15. Price increase

Footballtraining4all.com if the price of a continuous product, as mentioned in paragraph
10e increases, the customer receives during the period paid for the time to look for another provider or another product, with a minimum of three months. Until then he will pay the old price.

16. Cancellations

The membership is for one year. After this year, you can stop at no extra cost!!!

17. Change in Terms

Footballtraining4all.com is at all times entitled to change the terms and conditions without notifying the customer direct. Publication on the website of Footballtraining4all.com is sufficient for this. It is up to Footballtraining4all.com in order to determine whether the change will also be communicated directly to the customer.

18. Resolutive conditions

Footballtraining4all.com is entitled to terminate a contract without notice or judicial intervention if:

- The bankruptcy of the customer or is delivered;
- Client applies for a moratorium;
- It is the client moratorium granted;
- Customer jurisdiction over (part of) its lost by attachment or other causes;
- Footballtraining4all.com has reasonable grounds to doubt the ability of the customer to (timely) fulfill its obligations;
- Customer acts contrary to one or more of these conditions.

19. Disclaimer

Footballtraining4all.com is not responsible for any damage that might be the customer. Footballtraining4all.com makes no warranties for damages resulting from the use of its services. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data that results from delays, do not arrive, or wrong delivery, and any interruption of services caused by Footballtraining4all.com and its staff.