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soccer trainer
Football drawing program and training material
Drawing program and soccer schedule
Training forms for youth football
football animations


Soccer drills that can be used in training plans

The aim of our website to enable the exchange of practice material between trainers around the world. As a member you get access to sessions of international coaches, allowing you going to take the burden out of training and have a great variaty in exercises. The drills are divided into 7 categories : general - shooting - passing - conditioning - warm-ups - goalkeeper and u6 u7 u8 u9.

Software to draw up your own football training

You can share your expertise with your fellow coaches on the web. Just download our football program. The designer is easy to use. It consists of a drawing program and animation module. The sketching module helps you to draw workout set-ups. The animation module takes your workouts to the next level : from sketches to animated clips explaining what your players should do.

How to join our soccer community

As a member you are entitled to use the application and you have access to tons of practice material. Just click “Membership”, fill in the registration form and as soon as your membership fee is received your access will be activate.