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oftware and football training for the modern football coach. These football exercises are made with the program on this website. Drawing program and football exercises for football training. This website aims to exchange soccer practice material between football coaches from all over the world. As a member you will have access to soccer practice from international trainers, which will enable you to put a great variety into your training. The exercise material is subdivided into 7 category nl. general - shooting - passing - conditioning – warm-ups – goalkeeper and u6/u9. database _ download _ exercise material _ position play _ program _ drawing _ training _ training exercises _ soccer _ computer program _ youth _ schedule _ trainingforms _ examples _ preparation _ trainingprogram _ u10 _ u11 _ u12 _ u13 _ u14 _ u15 _ u16 _ u17 _ u18 _ u19 _ u20 _ u21 _ u23 _ u6 _ u7 _ u8 _ u9